Marketing Capabilities

Know your customer.

Who is your customer? Where are they from? How old are they? How did they find out about you? Imagine the creative ways you could market your zipline with access to every email, every birthday, how they heard about you, or where your customers are from.

Email Marketing

If only there was an easy way to instantly send thousands of people an important message at the same time that is indestructible and unfazed by the natural elements?

Used carefully, email marketing is the perfect way to maintain contact with your customers – as long as you know where to draw the line between the right amount of emails and oh-my-gosh-why-hasn’t-he-called-I-think-I’ll-text-him-again amount of emails.

Capture Every Email

During the check-in process, Singenuity gathers and verifies every email of every customer – not just the person who made the reservation – increasing your email pool exponentially.

Send your customers an email after their visit to say thanks, encourage them to write a review, or look at and purchase their photos from their tour. You can also send promotions or just email to say hello.

Demographical Information

Focus your marketing towards specific geographical regions or target certain age groups based off of real data. You can even wish everyone a happy birthday on their special day.

How Did You Hear About Us?

Find out which marketing mediums are effective and which ones you can cut. Put those precious marketing dollars to the best possible use.

Determine Your Target Market

Gathering data on all of your customers will bring to light a pattern of customers and will help you define your actual target market. For example, more resources can be spent targeting a certain age group in a certain region in a certain state because it turns out the midnight spot on 98.5 FM isn’t working.

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