Photo System

Generate revenue out of thin air.

Money might not grow on tress, but taking pictures of people in them is the next best thing. Regardless of your altitude, photos are the sure way to generate more revenue out of thin air at your zipline operation.

We provide photo options for all budgets. Whether you opt for manual or automatic photos, Singenuity is the only software you need to upload, view and sell them.



Automated Photos

For greater profit, you can elect to automate the photo process by using Snapsportz’ RFID technology to take and sort pictures of each customer individually.

How does it work? Each person has a coded tag on their helmet that lets our software know that this picture is of Jane, not Joe or anyone else. Then when Jane gets down from her tour, she can look at all the pictures that she’s in without scrolling through every picture taken that day. You can customize your own pricing options from single, couple, and family packages.

We are partners with Snapsportz, the industry leader in automated photos.

Manual Photos

For a cheaper option, your guides can manually take pictures and upload them to the software for customers to purchase. This is a great, low-cost option that is easily to implement on any course.

Customer Self-Checkout

When they get down from their tour, customers can easily look through and purchase their pictures – all with the same tablet with which they completed their waiver. This gives your customers a no-pressure situation to look at their photos while trimming staffing costs.

Organized by Tour

Photos are associated with each reservation in the back office, so you don’t have to go searching through files on your desktop (which you’ve been meaning to organize for weeks) to find what you’re looking for.

48-Hour Emails

Two days after their visit, those regretful customers who didn’t purchase photos can receive an email from you letting them view and purchase their photos.

Reporting for duty, sir.
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