Point-of-Sale & Reports

With great power comes great Singenuity.

Make decisions based off accurate reports made possible by keeping all transactions in one place.

Complete Point-of-Sale System

Everything you need to have a full point-of-sale system comes with Singenuity. Card swiper, receipt printer, and cash drawer are all integrated seamlessly for Mac or PC, allowing quick and easy transactions all in one place – a must for accurate reporting.

Split Payments

In a perfect world everyone pays upfront. All on one card. With smiles on their faces. In a realistic scenario, big groups want to pay separately and have differing situations with sometimes differing prices. Singenuity makes taking payment easy on you regardless of group size and situation, helping you legitimize your business by taking payments in a professional way.



Automatic Discounts

One of the more powerful parts of the software, this feature permits you to cross-discount between activities allowing for package discounts. You can customize discounts to be applied automatically depending on the number of participants.

Use a Cart

Customers can pay for their tour, multiple tours, and merchandise all in one place and with one transaction. Your big parties will appreciate it.

Accurate Reports & Data

Because any and all transactions are completed with the same system, you can run a wide range of reports – from settlement summary to which employees booked the most tours – with any date range.

Track Merchandise Inventory

Automatically keep track of t-shirts and apparel, water bottles, hats, food and drinks and any other merchandise sold.

Manage Multiple Locations

We are excited to see your business grow and our software is there to make it easier on you. Now you can see how each of your zipline locations are doing and even run reports with a couple clicks from the comfort of wherever you find comfortable.

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