Smart Check-In

You never get a second
chance to make
a first impression.

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to adventure activities. By making the check-in process smooth and efficient, you’ll take away some of your customers’ natural apprehension about ziplining.

Smart Check-In organizes the check-in process so your zipline feels like a first-class operation as soon as they walk through your door.

Paperless Waivers

No more closets full of boxes, full of paper, full of information you have to keep but don’t use. Paperless waivers almost make the process of filling out a waiver – dare we say – enjoyable? Lose the clutter while making a good first impression.

Quick Check-In

Two adults and nine kids? No problem. Parents can quickly check everyone in without having to do all separate waivers.

Integrate Existing Waiver

Easily add your existing liability waiver to our check-in app. Nothing further, your Honor.

Capture Demographical Information

Smart Check-In gives you access to every email for each individual – not just the person who booked the tour.

TV Schedule App

This application shows the schedule for the upcoming tours with the names and the number in each of the parties arriving on a TV (or any device) for all to see. Know which guests are together and on which tour time, as well as who has completed the check-in process. Guides can now greet their tour at the door and help them get checked in, helping your office employee keep their blood pressure down.


Integrated Weigh-In

We know that participants NEVER lie about their weight, but just in case you want to double check we have integrated it into our software. You can customize your process so that customers aren’t completely checked-in until their weight has been recorded.


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