Career Opportunities


Looking through job descriptions is the pits. They all sound really similar and can be too vague (i.e. good communicator) or draw too many lines in the sand (i.e. minimum 5 years experience). At Singenuity, we’re looking for the best fit for our company, period. For that reason we’ve tried to describe the job the best we can below.

If you are interested, shoot us an email with your resume attached to We look forward to talking with you.

WANTED: Technical Support Manager


Respond to support tickets. This includes answering clients’ questions on how to use or set up the software; troubleshooting an issue or bug that a client may have and either finding a solution for the client or sending on to development team.

Create and maintain knowledge base. This includes creating online entries with screenshots and/or video that help explain features of our software. Success in this role would be, within the first 3 months, to build out a Knowledge Base that can address 75% or more of clients’ tickets. Doing so will also be a great way to dive in and learn our software.

Assist in onboarding new clients. This includes configuring settings for a new client to begin using Singenuity, then manually inputting their existing data into our system if necessary; this process can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks depending on the client.

Educate existing clients on new features. This includes creating visual materials (screenshots and/or videos) that help existing clients understand and implement new features that will benefit their operation, and contacting individual clients and explaining new features that will benefit them specifically.

Help create internal, scalable client support procedures. This includes bringing your expertise in assisting to lay the groundwork for us to grow our support team.


Experience in SaaS technical/customer support (we’re less concerned with how much experience and more curious about what type of experience)

Ability to work remotely/from home with access to 1) high-speed internet and 2) a quiet atmosphere free of distracting background noise

Decent writer. Meaning, can you briefly explain something technical in a way anyone can understand?

Good troubleshooter. Troubleshooting and problem solving are a big part of this role. Do you consider that to be a strength of yours?

Pay & Benefits

Salaried position

Health insurance

Paid time off

Work remotely

WANTED: Senior .NET Developer

We are looking for someone with experience developing and implementing projects leveraging the MS development stack including:

  • ASP.NET Core
  • REST architectures
  • Entity Framework 6
  • C# (including all the latest language features)
  • Experience with GIT in a multi-developer environment
  • JSON
  • SQL Server T-SQL
  • HTML, CSS. and Javascript
  • JQuery, AJAX
  • Experience architecting and deploying Azure solutions
  • Enhancing, refactoring, debugging, and supporting .NET applications
  • Collaborating as part of a team and either leading or following as needed to deliver value
  • Work independently as needed to deliver value
  • Work collaboratively with business analysts, QC, and other stakeholders on project requirements
  • Testing your own code before sending it to QC
  • TDD (Test Driven Development), writing and maintain unit tests
  • Design Patterns
  • Critical thinking regarding trade-offs in the implementation and testing of solutions in all levels and tiers of a software solution

WANTED: MS SQL Developer

We are looking for a strong MS SQL developer with extensive experience creating, optimizing and maintaining complex T-SQL code (stored procedures, views, functions, queries). Responsibilities include:

  • Create, optimize and maintain complex T-SQL code (stored procedures, views, functions, queries)
  • Tune T-SQL queries and database performance by improving overall query execution plans, indexing strategies, table design
  • Review database objects for data integrity, quality, security, recoverability, scalability, maintenance and capacity
  • Recommend new strategies and architecture to enhance efficiency of data systems
  • Prepare documentations and specifications
  • Provide production support and maintenance of code
  • Collaborate with other team members, application developers and stakeholders
  • Complete database code review and deployments

What to Expect Working With Us
You will be joining our small team and thus will be playing a major role in almost every aspect of the development. This is exciting and a tall task at the same time.

You will be joining a new and growing company so the pace will be fast and hours much more unpredictable (and flexible) than a corporate job.

Who Are We
Singenuity is complete adventure and amusement management software for any business that books reservations or sells tickets. Think of your favorite vacation activities like ziplining, chair lift, shows, mountain biking, escape room, rafting, fun centers, theme parks, rentals, horseback riding, walking tours, sailing or boat tours, etc.

We pride ourselves in thinking outside the box and providing these operators with one high-quality, easy-to-use software that not only helps make their operation more efficient, but elevates the guest experience.

We are not a VC funded startup. We come from an operational background and are growing our start-up at our own pace, making our own decisions. This makes us agile and in charge of our own destiny. This also makes us more frugal and pretty down to earth. Our philosophy for the size of our development team is quality over quantity.

To apply for any position listed above, just send us an email at to get the conversation started.