Online Booking

At its core, Singenuity is a cloud-based booking system designed to grow your business and increase efficiency.

Priority Booking & Scheduling

Priority Booking and Priority Scheduling is our secret sauce. It’s why we made the software in the first place. We were tired of those half-filled tours or even that dreaded 2-person tour. We needed to take advantage of our busy times and maximize every hour of the day, but then figure out how to run efficiently during those off-peak times while still taking care of our trained staff. And why is it so dang hard to book that late afternoon or early morning tour? These were our constant questions.

With Priority Booking we use intelligent algorithms to funnel your customers within the booking process to where you want them, but that’s only one layer. Coupled with Priority Scheduling that constantly monitors and intelligently opens and closes your tour options, you are able to truly maximize every opportunity that comes your way and see increased efficiency overnight.

Without Priority Booking
zipline booking software
With Priority Booking
zipline booking software
zipline booking software
Designed Mobile First

The booking landscape has changed recently with the majority of online bookings now happening right on a cell phone. So we focused our energy in designing the most intuitive and attractive mobile experience possible. Sometimes you have to flirt to convert.

Packages rethought and redefined.

Do you offer more than ziplines? Easily combine 2 or more activities and offer a package incentive.

With our redefined packages, customers book each activity individually within a package. What are the benefits of that, you ask?

  • Allows you to give your customers a discount – or incentive – to book more than one activity.
  • Gives customers flexibility of dates. Package doesn’t have to mean “long day” for the guest. Guests can now spread out their activities to multiple days if they’d like.
  • Gives customers the ability to mix and match activities – useful if the whole group doesn’t want to do the exact same activities.
  • Eliminates half-full tours because guests booking a package and guests not
    booking a package can book on the same tours.
  • Packages are now simple and intuitive to create and to book. Customers can
    book them online. Brand new employees can book them on day one.
zipline booking software

Easily book large groups

Groups larger than your tour size can now book online just as easily as smaller groups.

zipline booking software

Offer transportation bookings

Depending on your location, it may be in your best interest to offer transportation to and from your operation. Singenuity allows you to schedule transportation routes. Pick up and drop off customers using your own vehicles or a 3rd party.

zipline booking software

Promo codes

Give your marketing team some flexibility by offering promo codes. Discounts can be by percentage or amount, indefinite or with a date range, or BOGO.

zipline booking software

Automatic discounts

Singenuity allows automatic discounts to be given to group sizes over a certain amount that you designate.