Singenuity Photos

Money may not grow on trees, but taking pictures of people in them is the next best thing.

zipline booking software
zipline booking software

Straight from tree to office.

Each captured photo immediately and automatically uploads directly to the reservation via the cloud, where it patiently waits to be viewed and purchased.

zipline booking software

Step 1: Photo is allocated

zipline booking software

Step 2: Photo is taken

zipline booking software

Step 3: Guests can view and purchase their photos after their tour on an iPad

zipline booking software

Don’t have Wifi or Cellular available on your course? No problem.

We have a solution for you no matter your operation’s size, infrastructure, location or budget.

Each photo has a place to go.

Because your photos talk to your reservations, each photo you take is allocated to the proper reservation. So you don’t have to go searching through files on your desktop (which you’ve been meaning to organize for weeks) to find what you’re looking for.

Better guest experience.

Each photo is automatically allocated to the specific reservation so each guest won’t have to sift through every photo taken to find their own.

New, more profitable pricing model

Most photo pricing models in the industry are based on number of photos. Because photos are allocated by party, you now have the freedom to base your pricing off of how many guests in the party.

zipline booking software

Automate the sell and delivery.

Easy to view and purchase.

Guest view and purchase photos from an iPad right after their tour. Or later from home for those non-impulse buyers.

Digital photo solution.

No printers or ink needed (unless you want to). No bent pictures in the suitcase. Our hi-res photos are automatically emailed to the customer for download.

Boost sales with
Singenuity Display.

Display the photos in real-time on any TV for the tour to look and laugh at together when they finish their tour.

zipline booking software
zipline booking software

Social media ready

Hi-res digital photos make for easy sharing.

zipline booking software

Saving the best for last: there’s no additional cost.

That’s right, we don’t charge any additional commission for photo sales. So simply by using Singenuity, your operation is equipped with a new revenue generator. No need to pay a 3rd party to take photos are your operation. Singenuity puts the power of photos back in your hands as the operator.