Our goal is to help make you money without costing you money.
Here’s how.

We’re keeping it simple and straightforward.

zipline booking software
One flat rate for each booking depending on volume. Who pays is up to you.
You can decide how much of the cost you’d like to push to the customer by adding a fee to each booking. We recognize different operators have different preferences, so you can cover everything, push it all to the customer, or split it with them. Yes, this means that our software doesn’t have to cost you a dime if that’s how you’d like to set it up.
zipline booking software
Generate additional revenue through photo sales

  • Not selling photos at your operation yet? There’s not a better way to immediately increase your revenue. We’ll help you get a simple photo solution in place so photos can be taken, viewed, and purchased all through Singenuity.
  • Already selling photos with a 3rd party?  Taking photos isn’t that complicated, so there’s no need to give away half of your photo revenue. Singenuity is the most cost-effective photo solution on the market.
zipline booking software
Start-up costs
How much hardware you’ll need varies with your operation’s size, volume, infrastructure and preferences. Financing options are available so your operation has no problem getting started.
zipline booking software
We’re keeping it simple.
We don’t offer different pricing levels with confusing differences. Enjoy all our features, unlimited users, bookings, reports and support.
zipline booking software
No subscription required.
You can cancel anytime. We’d rather keep your business because you like our product, not because we’re really good salesmen.
zipline booking software
Free upgrades.
We’re always looking to make improvements and add new features. And when we do, you’ll get them without any added cost.