We’re built to make you money

Singenuity is four different software systems wrapped into one powerful platform, which means you can stop sharing your photo revenue and stop paying extra for waivers, a point-of-sale system, and your current booking software.

  • Create and manage bookings
  • Sell merchandise and photos
  • Manage waivers
  • Take all forms of payment
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Booking Software for Tours and Attractions

What does Singenuity cost?

Hardware Costs

Varies according to your needs/wants.

How Do We Make Money?

We charge your guest a 3-4% service fee on bookings


Unlimited bookings


Unlimited users

Digital Waivers

Free/Unlimited digital waivers


Included (hardware not included)

Photo System

Varies by operator, contact us for more details.

Credit Card Rates

Low, competitive industry rates through Square's "cost-plus" pricing.

Upgrades & New Features


Support & Training

Over-the-phone, email, and text

Unlimited everything

We don’t offer different pricing levels with confusing differences. Enjoy all our features, unlimited users, bookings, reports and support.

Ease into hardware

One great bonus is our system is modular – start with one or two iPads and if you need another one, you can easily add one later. Want to email customers their receipts? You can hold off on buying the receipt printer.

Cut training costs

Singenuity is easy and intuitive to use. Our clients can train their office and front- line staff how to book activities, take payments, manage reservations, sell merchandise, etc – all in a day.

No hidden fees

No monthly fees. We don’t make money unless you make money. Exactly what a seasonal business needs.

Quick, hassle-free demo

See a demo or just schedule a quick ten minute call to ask some questions.

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Booking Software for Tours and Attractions

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Booking Software for Tours and Attractions