Safely Reopen with Singenuity’s Contactless Check-In & Payments

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Booking Software for Tours and Attractions

COVID-19 restrictions are lifting and businesses are slowly reopening. Like most businesses, you have probably already added new policies and procedures to minimize risk and put staff and guests at ease.

While minimizing human contact and wiping down surfaces are important, there are still a couple small germ-spreading culprits that are difficult to eliminate for tour & activity operators: exchanging money and filling out waivers.

Not that we ever saw this coming, but Singenuity’s workflow for payments and waivers has always been set-up to be completely contactless. Here’s how:

  • Contactless Waivers
    Guests are reminded before they arrive to fill out their waivers on their own device and do not have to touch paper, pens, or a shared tablet. If guests do not fill out a waiver before they arrive, they can scan a QR code and pull up the waiver on their personal mobile device. One change we are implementing is to populate the QR code right on our self-service Kiosk app, eliminating the need for our client to print the QR code and the guest to ever touch the tablet. It’s the little things!
  • Contactless Payments
    For any in-store transactions, our payment solution is integrated with Square which allows the operator to accept EMV chip cards (no debit pin required in the US), Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other contactless payments. The guest literally doesn’t have to touch anything in order to pay.

Booking Software for Tours and Attractions


  • Bonus: Contactless Photo Solutions
    Guests can scan a QR code that allows them to view and purchase their photos using their personal mobile device. If the guest chooses not to purchase the photos on-site, they can view and purchase them from a follow-up email that is sent to the guest after they complete their activity. Again, we are adding that QR code to our self-service Kiosk app so the client doesn’t need to print the QR code anymore.

Never heard of Singenuity?

The average tour operator uses four or more different software services every day, and we declare that to be three too many. Singenuity is a one-stop-shop for online bookings, payments (we've built a true point-of-sale integrated with Square), digital waivers, customer photo solution (from taking the actual photos to selling & sending them), ticketing, merchandise tracking, website development... well here's our feature page.  Or if you'd rather us just talk to us

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