We are Singenuity

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We are Singenuity, an all-in-one booking solution for tour & activity operators.

And this is our new blog: Simple Ingenuity.

Yes, the name of this blog is where our company name derives from. I guess you could call it our full or given name, and it comes from what we like to do, which is to turn complex ideas into simple, powerful software that your staff can learn in a day.

Ironically enough, in an effort to describe the simplicity we crave, we came up with a name that wasn’t that simple. Yes, we’re aware it’s a little hard to pronounce and spell (as we are constantly reminded when we have to tell someone our email address over the phone). But we were ok with that. If the name is the hardest thing to learn for new users, then we’re in a good place.

We speak as operators

While we are a software company, we have an operator mindset due to our origin in the tour & activity industry – not Silicon Valley. Our team is a mix of software developers and former tour & activity operators, giving us a unique perspective that drives our decisions and designs.

Because we’ve been self-funded, we don’t exist to grow quickly at all costs. We exist to make really great software.

What’s the purpose of this blog?

For us, this is not an SEO-driven blog. We will not start with keywords in mind and write words around them.

This is a content-driven blog. If we have something to say that we think provides value to at least one operator, then we’ll say it. Right here. No games or gimmicks. Just some thoughts and opinions for tour & activity operators.

If you’d like to learn more about our software, visit our website.

Never heard of Singenuity?

The average tour operator uses four or more different software services every day, and we declare that to be three too many. Singenuity is a one-stop-shop for online bookings, payments (we’ve built a true point-of-sale integrated with Square), digital waivers, customer photo solution (from taking the actual photos to selling & sending them), ticketing, merchandise tracking, website development… well here’s our feature page.  Or if you’d rather us just talk to us

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