Who we are

We are a rare and unlikely mix of adventure operators, software developers, and designers. Our operating experience comes from our partner company, CLIMB Works, who has operations in Tennessee and Hawaii.

Just like many other adventure operators, we demoed many different kinds of software trying to find the one that met our needs and wants. Some lacked features that were extremely important to us, while some lacked simplicity and seemed like it would take a few years to really get the hang of. Finding one software that would do everything we needed was a challenge and a headache.

As an operator, we wanted our software to not only be simple to use and increase efficiency, but to influence our guests’ overall experience with our company. We felt like the guest booking experience, our company’s interaction with them before and after their adventure, and the check-in process upon arrival were all just as important as the ziplining itself. And that’s what has brought us here.

Because no software met our needs or wants, Singenuity was born in 2010. We started with the basics: online reservations. But since then we’ve continually asked ourselves, “How can we make our guest experience better through software?” Then we make it, test it, tweak it – and repeat.

Solving our own needs and wants and drawing from our specific challenges of running an adventure business, we feel our combo as operators and software developers gives us a very unique perspective in what is helpful and beneficial. As operators, we truly feel that Singenuity offers the most complimentary and important addition to running a safe, successful, and efficient operation.