Zipline Tour Booking Software

Priority Booking & Scheduling

Eliminate those painful 2-person tours. Priority Booking & Scheduling uses intelligence algorithms to funnel your customers for maximum efficiency.

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Singenuity Photos

Point. Click. Add a new, substantial revenue stream to your operation using our built-in, easy-to-use photo system.

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zipline booking software

Safe Check-In

Let nothing slip through the cracks and limit your liability by simplifying the guest check-in process.

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zipline booking software


Complete POS system with an iPad, credit card reader, receipt printer and cash drawer.

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Packages rethought and redefined.

Do you offer more than ziplines? Easily combine 2 or more activities and offer a package incentive.

With our redefined packages, customers book each activity individually within a package. What are the benefits of that, you ask?

  • Allows you to give your customers a discount – or incentive – to book more than one activity.
  • Gives customers flexibility of dates. Package doesn’t have to mean “long day” for the guest. Guests can now spread out their activities to multiple days if they’d like.
  • Gives customers the ability to mix and match activities – useful if the whole group doesn’t want to do the exact same activities.
  • Eliminates half-full tours because guests booking a package and guests not
    booking a package can book on the same tours.
  • Packages are now simple and intuitive to create and to book. Customers can book them online. Brand new employees can book them on day one.

Website Development

Whether you need a brand new website or just a fresh look, we can help.

Multiple locations. One account.

Easily switch between your different locations with one click.

Manage your merchandise inventory.

Keep track of your t-shirts. Keep track of your Clif Bars. Keep track of anything you want. And get notified by email or text when stock is low.

Concierge friendly

Singenuity allows for booking from concierges & other third-parties. Easily keep track of who sold what and the commission rates.

zipline booking software

Offer transportation for your guests

Depending on your location, it may be in your best interest to offer transportation. Singenuity allows you to schedule transportation routes. Pick up and drop off customers using your own vehicles or a 3rd party.

Data & Reports

Because any and all transactions are completed with the same system, you can run a wide range of reports – from settlement summary to which employees booked the most tours – with any date range.

Hone in your target market with data.
Who is your target market? Where are they coming from? What time of the year do people from certain areas visit you? What’s the average age? Gender? Use gathered data to understand your customer and make better marketing decisions.

Free upgrades

We’re always looking to make improvements and to add new features. And when we do, you’ll get them without any added cost.